My current work is inspired by the beauty of natural forms; both flora and fauna, but at the moment especially animals. I am interested in the artificial division between ‘human’ and ‘animal’, and the impacts that people have upon the species with which we share space. I am particularly drawn to those species which are endangered, persecuted, or disparaged. I find it interesting how people view these creatures, and the frequent disconnection between appreciation of their forms and indifference to their real lives. I’m often struck by the uplifting power of being amongst nature, but simultaneously aware of its transience; joy and sorrow in every leaf.




I usually work in wood, often using these carvings as masters for casting. Working with an organic substance imbues the work with a connection to its subjects: the fibres of the wood echoing the pelt and muscle of the beast. Much of my relationship with the work is underpinned by my childhood in the countryside and my subsequent degree in Conservation Biology. Themes of responsibility and connection are important to me, and I look forward to exploring these further in future works.


Image (c) Andy Hay, www.rspb-images.com

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